GeMINI Report

Portable Audio Transmission

always there for reporters and commentators

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Our new portable device is another small revolution into the market. It is completely controlled via touchscreen, including intuitive sound positioning and responsive connection setup. As the name implies, the GeMINI Report is especially interesting for reporters and commentators, but is also great for customers who want a compact device with inbuilt controls.

    Audio I|O OTT
Dash, HLS, Icecast
Opus, FLAC, mp3, Linear
WebRemote 5.0
PIPE Concept Encryption
Sirrah SIP Software scalable opt. opt. opt.
Sirrah OTT Software scalable opt. opt. opt.
ANDROMEDA Hardware ≥ 64 opt. opt. opt.
GeMINI Studio Hardware 8 opt. opt. opt.
GeMINI Report Hardware 4 opt. opt. opt.

10” Touch Display

full control at your finger tips


Until now, reporter monitoring was dominated by controlling a variety of knobs and faders. With our new intuitive touchscreen controls this is old news.

The users can focus on their main job, creating content and not wasting time with settings and technical control. The device is user-friendly and straightforward to use. Based on the most modern tools, the GUI of tge GeMINI Report supports not only our concept of control via Dashboard but alos the PIPE concept. There are many other comfort featues as well like a Phonebook as well as extensive user and user rights management.


Robust and Portable

the practical solution

GeMINI Report connected

The GeMINI Report combines finest high-tech and an extremely robust housing. Work places in stadiums and on the road demand both a highly ergonomic but also rugged design. These requirements have come together in the GeMINI Report, ensuring safe and simple use.

Optionally, a carrying case can be acquired for safe and easy transport between different events.



the most modern audio coding formats


Opus, FLAC, AES67 , AAC HE, AAC xHe and all other available audio coding formats can be used for transmissions and also for simultaneous recording or converting. ANDROMEDA also supports use as answering machine, conference machine, logging and many other applications.

RTP, RTSP, SIP and other protocols are all supported as well. With AES67 the Andromeda is docking to Axia Livewire, Dante and Ravenna and offers plug and play compatibility.

Opus: A hybrid audio coding format, flexible and adaptive.
AES67: IP Layer 3 driven, it offers highest quality and low latency.
FLAC: Mathematically lossless coding format
AAC HE: A globally accepted MPEG, excellent even at very low bitrates.
AAC xHE: The improvement on AAC HE.

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