GeMINI Security

24/7 Broadcasting Expertise Optimized for Sensitive Security Applications

more secure than ever before

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The GeMINI Security allows high quality mono, stereo, multichannel and multiple mono/stereo recording and audio transmission while maintaining highest standards of security and quality. Combining our expertise gained in the broadcasting area where our products have to run in a 24/7 operational environment and our knowledge in secure audio transmission via encryption and VPN the GeMINI Security is tailor-made for security applications. Its architecture allows easy customization and adaptation to new requirements. The key applications supported by the GeMINI Security are live listening and documentation, secure storage as well as multiple participant involvement/listening, all that with a secure, encrypted connection to ensure that no uninvited third parties can access the audio data stream.


  • High quality mono, stereo, multichannel or multiple mono and/or stereo recording and transmission
  • High security audio recording and streaming
  • Extensive logging of all processes ensures users can monitor events closely and track event history, including transmission/recording interruptions
  • Comments can be added at all times, including justifications for recording or transmission interruption
  • Expansive user group and rights management


Hidden Transmission

Encryption and VPN


GeMINI Security allows encryption to protect data transmissions, making them inaccessible to third parties. This new feature is of interest to customers that are worried about the security of their audio transmissions and recordings as well as those in the security sector, who simply cannot allow their transmissions to be compromised. Encryption is about encoding information or messages so that only people with the means to decode them are able to read them. More...

When unauthorized parties somehow read the transmission they will not be able to understand anything. Your transmissions stay as safe as they should be! For a long time this was not realistically feasible because encryption added a significant amount of latency, unsurprising given the additional processing required for the encryption and decryption of the data. However, we have successfully solved this issue.

or this purpose we take advantage of a variety of encryption features, including symmetric key encryption, hashing and PGP.

Furthermore, we now offer VPN connections for even more security! A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a private network within a public network (e.g. the internet). Users within a VPN can send and receive data as if their devices were directly connected in a single private network. All of these increase the security of sent and received data, as it becomes harder for third parties to access the traffic within the VPN.


Stop - Comment - Go

perfect tracking of events


One unique feature of the GeMINI Security is the comment function which allows the user to add comments throughout the entire transmission process with the possibility to stop the transmission and comment with the reason why, at any given point of time. Furthermore, all processes are logged in their entirety, ensuring comprehensive tracking of events.


User Rights Management via WebRemote 5.0

customized user interface for every role

User Management

Our browser-based control software now provides the option to define different user roles and hierarchies as well as assigning different and individual rights to each user for every audio transmission. The user-based view of the WebRemote allows assigning users different rights and roles, including only listener, listener with access to functions, (e.g. listen live, comment and start-/stop feature) and administrator (full rights). An in-built wizard ensures that the WebRemote 5.0 user interface is perfectly set up for the needs of the specific user, ensuring clarity and quick familiarization.



the most modern audio coding formats


Opus, FLAC, AES67 , AAC HE, AAC xHe and all other available audio coding formats can be used for transmissions and also for simultaneous recording or converting. ANDROMEDA also supports use as answering machine, conference machine, logging and many other applications.

RTP, RTSP, SIP and other protocols are all supported as well. With AES67 the Andromeda is docking to Axia Livewire, Dante and Ravenna and offers plug and play compatibility.

Opus: A hybrid audio coding format, flexible and adaptive.
AES67: IP Layer 3 driven, it offers highest quality and low latency.
FLAC: Mathematically lossless coding format
AAC HE: A globally accepted MPEG, excellent even at very low bitrates.
AAC xHE: The improvement on AAC HE.